Project Description

Aurélie and Mathieu met on the Internet 7 years ago. After talking for a few hours, they found that they had a lot in common. On that very evening, they went for a drink in a bar in Paris with some friends. They have been together ever since.

They were on holiday in New York and enjoying some champagne at the rooftop bar of a skyscraper when Mathieu got down on one knee and presented Aurélie with a engagement ring.

When asked about their wedding, they said: “It was a beautiful 31st October in the suburbs of Paris, sunny and warm in spite of the season. The tension was felt by everybody at the beginning of the day, before the actual start of the wedding, in particular when we were getting ready. However, it soon faded completely, being replaced by complete happiness for the rest of the day.”

“Our relationship with our photographer was absolutely lovely. His sense of humour, which was appropriate and always considerate, helped us cope with our stressful morning. Didier understood us, our tastes and our wishes straight away. He knew when to be discreet or when to guide us through the couple or family photographs. And the result is exceptional: spontaneous photos and others where we are posing with our friends and families. Everyone will find what they are looking for in them.”

“Right after the ceremony at the town hall, Didier gave me a mini bottle of champagne: it was magical and so funny,” recalls Aurélie with emotion. “I love champagne. I had told Didier as soon as we met in his studio in Normandy and had shared our desire to spend as much time as possible with our friends (and drinking champagne). We weren’t up for spending hours posing for group photos. So, to motivate me for the traditional photo shoot after the ceremony, Didier offered me a small bottle of champagne that I drank with pleasure… I immediately relaxed and the photographs from this session are magical. We love them.”