Project Description

Florence and Stéphane met at a party organised by two colleagues. By the end of the evening, they were both too blown away by each other to think of exchanging numbers before leaving.

But their story doesn’t end there and the two lovers were soon planning the evening of the engagement together, a romantic evening during which Stéphane managed to surprise Florence when he presented her with an engagement ring that hadn’t originally been part of the schedule.

“Our wedding day has been like a dream,” says Stéphane. “After a very emotional morning spent getting ready, Florence enjoyed every single instant of the day. As for me, the tension reached its peak when the time came to give the speech in front of our families, just before the party dinner.”

A little word on the photographer  : “We have appreciated your personality and sensitivity, both in the run-up to the wedding and on the day. We liked your humour during the photos after the reception and being encouraged to act silly really made us feel at ease. We are grateful for all the work you put into this wedding. As soon as we can, we’ll spread the word!”