Project Description

Julie and Florent met during their last year at university, albeit Julie admits: “I had promised myself to be studious and he was keen on getting his career started!”

Three years later, in Malaysia, sunset in the background, Florent offered her a ring along with his absolute commitment. Julie didn’t hesitate to say yes. To celebrate, they released a flying lantern containing their vows. “We repeated this ritual again on the wedding day, surrounded by all our loved ones and their own wishes this time.”

Julie and Florent got married three years after their engagement, leaving themselves time to think about everything and organise a perfect, entirely enjoyable and stress-free day. “In practice, things never goes perfectly smoothly, but that is detail. We used up all our stress before the wedding day. On the day, we let our emotions, our happiness and our guests guide us. And we created magical memories that stay with us to this day.”

“Something immediately clicked with Didier, whose calm attitude and sense of humour helped us relax. And since I had already done a photo shoot with him prior to the wedding, I was fairly comfortable in front of the camera on the day (when I noticed the camera at all!). He was unobtrusive and we almost forgot that he was around, which enabled him to capture spontaneous moments reflecting the actual atmosphere of the wedding. We did a session on the beach, just the two of us, after the hustle and bustle of the town hall, and we were able to have some alone time and catch our breath – we barely noticed that Didier was around and the photos are gorgeous. We really have no regrets about choosing him; we only have to look at the photos today to relive this magical day!”