Project Description

Pauline and Quentin met at work, when they were still students. Quentin has a silly side that pushes him to always be on the move and constantly crack jokes. He and the sweet and calm Pauline are extremely close.

Quentin is also very romantic. He asked for her hand during a weekend in Saint-Malo, on the famous city walls with a sunset in the background, as they were celebrating their 10th anniversary of meeting each other.

On the wedding day, they were beside themselves with joy: “Our wedding day went great, but too fast, surrounded by our loved ones and immortalised by Didier. The couple photo shoot gave us some time on our own, to discover each other and take time to enjoy the moment.”

“We did a session as a couple, in the sunset, long before the wedding and Didier had already managed to make us comfortable. On the day, we appreciated his availability, from the hairdresser’s to the dinner. He knew to be present, to give us advice and stay discreet all the while. His photo booklets were very well received by the witnesses, the parents and the grand-parents.”